Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Went Pretend Shopping

Its ok to pretend sometimes...

Today I pretended that in America instead of using money, we could barter with mismatched socks and partially chewed up dog toys (which is what i have a surpluss of in my house), and i went pretend shopping at my most favorite of all stores, anthropologie. I put all these things in my pretend shopping basket and then right before checking out, i emptied it looked in my real wallet and discovered that I sill had all my real money, and that i felt just as fulfilled and satisfied with my dreamy treasures.

*all pictures from (anthropologie.com)*

I bought this:



oooo, and this:

then, i bought this:

this here:

this too:

I needed a bed:

and I LOVED this:


and then I had to get this too:

I heart pretending.

Where's your favorite place to shop?


  1. anthropologie.com is my favorite pretend shopping place too! i love to get all their new sweaters and dresses and vintage swim suits.. so much fun! fun! fun!

  2. I love anthropologie too! I love to 'pretend' shop for my home at Ballard Designs so much! Super cute post!

  3. Great idea miss Amanda! Your style is much different than mine, but when I see all the cute things you bought it makes me want to change my style to yours : ) My fave place to shop is Ikea. So. Much. Fun.


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