Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I love branches?

Free and Easy.

Its winter time in Oregon and lots of people are pulling their hair out, flying to sunny places, counting down the days until summer, and bombarding the social networks with their longings for 80 degree weather.

Me on the other hand, I find Oregon in ALL its seasons to be lovely. I adore the season changes and think there is something nice about all of them. Right now, I am loving the free decor I am finding laying all over the sidewalks and backyard from the windstorms. Branches. Lots of free, twiggy bare branches. I take full advantage of them in my house during this season. Overkill? maybe! But oh well! I think generally people like to use flowers to brighten up the winter gray in their house, but i kinda loooove it! So why not embrace it?

*baby twiggies*

*branches on the mantle*

(on top of Gone With The Wind, which makes them better, I think)

*sharing his home*

*serving a purpose*

*hangin' from the ceiling*

*Just taking up space*

Do you like to bring nature from all the seasons inside?

Does winter make you sad
or do you appreciate it?


  1. i love having greenery in my house and most of the time, the only non-artificial plants are bouquets of flowers from ian every week... my mom is really into drying plants and decorating with them, so naturally i like the look because i have been raised to think that "home"= being decorated with nature. my mom also loves the seasons in oregon. I do too, but i hate being cold so at a certain point in the year (right about now) i'm ready for at least a few days of sunshine.

  2. i love your mantle and the hanging hearts! so clever! and your photos are lovely! i love seasons too and wish we had more of them here in cali...

  3. What a great painting! Who gave that to you! ;)

  4. i'm a sucker for branches. i've got them in pretty much every room. i try to spread it out a bit, but i don't even care because i love them so much! i pick all kinds of little weeds during the other seasons. i use acorns and pinecones in fall...i'm all over free decor :).


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