Sunday, January 24, 2010


Well, this had officially been the laziest weekend of my life.

and I love it.

It consisted of Saturday waking up at 10 am (7 am is sleeping in for me, so that was pretty intense), and having Ben's brother and his lovely girlfriend Laura (who was my special guest blogger yesterday) over for breakfast. The boys cooked for us. So sweet. Then we took Tangle for a walk and when we got back, Ben and Tj had shaved their heads.


We pretty much all laid around until it was time to go to church downtown, where i got to hold babies all night, then went on a date with Laura and Mama Newell to Le Happy. Which was delicious. They put onions in my crepe on accident and i almost barfed so they gave me my dessert for free :-) I didn't almost barf...but i wanted to. i hate onions.

Oh..and i got to see my friend Casey at church who i haven't actually seen in person in a long time! So that was fun. She is looking lovely as ever and has a newly-wed glow which is so cute and becoming on her! We vowed to have a craft day soon and invite Lauren (yes, Lauren from the little things we do) so i can actually see her again after something like three or four years?

Anyhoo, this morning Ben went to coffee with a friend while i..slept in..again. We took Tangle to doggie day care and now I am sitting here blogging. exciting.

And Ben just walked in with my "after Chinese food treat" (which is what he came home with, Chinese food).

He's sweet.

That's about it. Told you. Lazy.

Hope you're all having a great weekend so far!


  1. Yay for lazy weekends and sleeping late! So sweet of your hubby for bringing you an after dinner treat!

  2. i finally got my act together and am officially following your sweet little blog! although i've been blog-stalking you since the day you started it :) i love lazy days. and treats from husbands. and you.

  3. sounds like a perfectly lovely weekend. sorry you got onions in your crepe though :(. no bueno.

    i also really, really, REALLY hope we all have a craft date. i would love to see you...and maybe be real life friends too and not just blog friends :). case and i made headbands last week, but they were a little tricky. maybe we should try again with you, since the one you made was super cute! we looked at it for inspiration :).

    also, ben is so sweet for bringing you a little treat. i love real simple. it makes me happy and is definitely one of my favorite mags.

    anyhoo...hope you have a lovely monday tomorrow girly!



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