Tuesday, January 19, 2010

copy cat

I'm a copy cat and I'm ok with that. Well, not always, just in this instance. And some others. Its ok, I know the person I'm copying won't care :-) I am stealing this idea from Lauren over at *the little things we do*. Two things I love around my house. Its hard to pick!

#1: pointless bookshelf.

Pointless because, as you can see, all the book spines are turned in, making it impossible to tell what the books are. Silly. I know. BUT, they look so nice and neutral and so aesthetically pleasing. Ben's reaction when he came home and saw my shelf rearranging went something like this:

Ben:"what the heck, why on earth? That's so weird."

Amanda: "but its cute, they all match"

Ben: "ok? whatever you say?"

Amanda: "thank you"

Well, I like it. Nobody has commented on it so far, maybe people think its weird and don't want to say anything? The only person who has said anything about it is my dad. he thinks its stupid. but he still loves me. When we painted out living room i took pictures of it so I could remember exactly how to put it back on there when i put the books back up, and he teased me relentlessly. I heart him.

# 2: ancient cookbook

This cookbook is from my mom. She picked it up at an antique store somewhere and passed it on to me because it matches my kitchen. There have been several re-printings of this one. But mine is special. It has all sorts of notes from the previous owner, additions, even little clippings cut out and taped in of other recipes that she loved. Its cute, and it does match my kitchen, and its super useful. Everything from perfect chicken pot pie to how to properly melt butter. Thanks Betty and unknown previous owner of this book :-)

I really love a lot of things around my home, but mostly that its my home and the fact that I have one.


  1. you should do this every week! i'm doing one again this week. my friend kassi over at bacwoodsfern.blogspot.com does it ever week, and always invites other people to do it an link their post up. you should link yours, because i really like your little things around your home :).

    also....i color code my bookshelf, but i kind of like your idea better. i may do this because i've already read all the books already anyway!

  2. I agree, if you've already/never read the books, why would you need to know which they are? As far as I'm concerned, if it's more pleasing to the eye... then why not? I love the book shelf! And the cookbook idea is so sweet of your mom!

  3. thanks for linking up!

    ancient cookbooks are the BEST!

    i'm glad you joined in on the fun!

  4. i've been toying with the idea of spine in books...but just can't get over the impracticality--although, in most other parts of my life i'm exceedingly impractical--hmmmm. :) i've just gone with the ubiquitous rainbow shelves, thus far.

  5. dooo it! impracticality is so nice sometimes. and its more fun. i think. what do i know?

  6. I like the books! who reads them anyways.... ;) appearance trumps function every time!

  7. you inspire me...but I really like more color on my bookshelf. I will go for neutral in a different area. your ideas are helping me in my "new" home.


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