Tuesday, January 26, 2010

killer. olympic style.

Ok, i normally would not feel that anything pertaining to me working out would be worth putting on here, but holy cow, these moves from olympic athletes..kill. seriously. in a good way.
if you're into that.

get the whole workout here.

lower back. butt. thighs.

abs. arms. thighs.

(photos via self.com)

If anyone tries it, let me know what you think!

and share your favorite moves too if you want!

we're all trying to get ready for swimsuits, right?


  1. oh man... i hate working out. i should though. actually, i don't mind it, i just don't know how and i run out of breath really fast! anywho, i've done some of these baller moves in physical therapy and they work so well!

  2. p.s. we're gonna live at sterling pointe. there are just too many things to do between now and when we move that it's overwhelming... we stopped looking for places to live and just picked that one. we sent our applications today so.......... oh, and no problem at all! you totally did help!

  3. oh good, you'll like it there is super close to everything.

    and i hate working out too. so much. so so much.

    BUT i need to :-) I dont very often. maybe you should get a ballys membership when you get here so we can go together and do sissy workouts (im real good at those). Theres a ballys right by the church!

  4. funny, i LOVE to work out. especially lift weights. i feel like its such a release and so empowering. i love feeling strong (in a feminine way). if you DO ever feel like hitting the gym, i'll be your buddy anytime.

  5. but im 24 hour. :( was bally's but now the 24 in the pearl is the closest.

  6. oh man...I'm totally doing this for my workout tomorrow. Remember when we went to Dixon and did ball workouts?! Shows you how coordinated I am with an exercise ball. Shall be interesting :) I'll let you know!


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