Saturday, January 30, 2010

Take a picture. it lasts longer.

Meet Tyler Gould...

eye candy.

Today I am going to share some amazing photos from my friend Tyler Gould.

Tyler did our wedding and engagement and he is super fun and talented. His shots are so beautiful and I love how he sets up and captures these epic scenes. Here are some favorites. Definitely check out his site and see for yourself. To top it off, he's a stellar guy! An hour with his camera in your face and you'll have a new best friend.

Check out his full website here.


  1. so true! he was like our newest best friend after our shoot! so nice. and so happy with his work!

  2. these are so pretty.

    i always did really like your engagement photos. so fun.

    hope you're having a good saturday.


  3. love his work. we really need new family shots done. maybe we'll give ol' tyler a call.

    had so so so much fun last night. let me know about the beach.

    see you tonight.


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