Tuesday, January 5, 2010

creative endeavors.

I have been a busy girl.

This year for Chirstmas we decided to make all of our gifts, which was really fun, but also took way more time and energy. I am pretty sure that is a good thing though; it forced us to be thoughtful and creative with our giving. Plus it was inspiring for me to be crafty. I love creating, and I don't do it enough, but it really makes me happy and feel like i am thriving.

Anyhoo...making all those presents made me want to do a few things of my own, so here is a mix of homemade Christmas gifts and other random goodness that my hands have been all over...starting with my favorite one. I decided to buy the goodie bags from value village full of thread spools, and i found lots and lots of fun uses for them...this is my favorite. a cute hat hook in our entry.

:thread spool hat hangers:

:painted bag for sister-in-law:
(she just moved next door to trader joe's)

:pretty paper bird cut-outs:

:antique mismatched clip-on earring

florist wire & craft store ring base

homemade chunky ring

:homemade candles in teacups:

:crusty value village painting:
:craft paper:
:white pencil


:sewn felt hairpins:


:hat pretties:

Okay, so this next one I admit is not made by me. Its a plastic bag holder/dispenser made by my Nanny. I always loved these when she had them hanging in her house and always asked my mom to make me one. My nanny passed away a couple years ago, and my mom went back to visit her house which is still full of her treasures and brought this back for me and stuck it in my stocking. Best gift of Christmas. Its the one that she had in her wash room. Perfect colors too! Thanks Nanny Boo (and mom)

:Nanny's brilliant plastic bag dispenser:

:cute paper wall art:

:wall art up close and personal:

*pears & birdies*

So much fun!

Someday I shall have a craft room with oodles of storage and tons of room to create lovely things. It will be full of paper and boxes and glitter and yarn and buttons and thread and glue and Modge Podge.

What kind of gifts did you make? Gifts for yourself count too!


  1. Oh my goodness! These are brilliant!!! You were the one that made that clock out of a slice of a tree, right? That was so cool! And all your wall art is so creative! You have great ideas!!!

    As for my homemade Christmas gifts... There was only one really good one... I bought a blank calendar and picked out all of these cute seasonal pictures of me and my sis when we were really little (So january is us playing in the snow riding a sled at the family cabin) and I paired them with a more recent picture of us in the snow! And so on for the rest of the cal. It was so fun and she loved it!

  2. holy craftiness! these are all amazing! i LOVE LOVE LOVE the embroidery hoop with the frilliness. simple lovely. and i pretty much love everything else too but that was my favorite.

    i feel completely the same about crafting. i love it and it makes me feel so good when i finally do it, but sadly, i don't do it enough. that's why it's on my new years goal list :).

    hope you have a good day lovely girl!


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