Sunday, January 24, 2010

Meet My...

over at Birds in Branches asked us to introduce you to some things that we love in a "meet my" post.

So, meet my...

Nanny Carter's house in Fayetteville, Tennessee. Amazing. On the site where the town's very first settler, Ezekiel Norris, built their house.

Pretty awesome porch, huh? Just thought I'd share.

Promise I'll do a legitimate "Meet My" post tomorrow :-)

Join the fun!


  1. you're fun! loving nanny carters house.
    such history.
    good music by the way. really enjoying it!

  2. Love the house and Love Nanny Carter. You are a lucky lady to have the heritage that you do. I am glad you love it too

  3. Miss amanda, you blog is so stinking cute, you're making me want to start one.. :)

  4. these are fun. maybe i should do one. and that porch is rad. i so want a porch!


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