Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Forest Animals

Well, they're cute.
That's really all.

Enjoy the little babies of the forest.

(or whatever else makes you giggle today.)


  1. i love the deer in the "forest" of lollipops ♥. so cute.

    i dislike the squirrel...but that's just because i have a freakishly irrational fear of squirrels.

    hope you find lots of fun things that make you giggle today :).

  2. super cute! i'm with lauren, i love love the forest of lollipops! i also like the drawing one, just a couple down.

    this made me giggle today : )

  3. The raccoon scares me! Looks like he is gonna jump any min. So I will go with the newspaper little chick.

  4. Racoons are so cute! too bad they're so mean!

  5. Ha ha so sweet! Love the second one down!
    I too love bringing the great outdoors inside! That's where all my decor is inspired from.

  6. I love the bird! We most definitely need to get together soon to make dinner and to be crafty! Bennett says " thanks for holding me Amanda!"

  7. i know, i want to make a newspaper mache bird, cant be that hard!


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