Friday, January 22, 2010

Fill in The Blank

Its Friday!

I'm so glad. I am feeling not particularly inspired today and quite tired and wondering how i will get through the next 9 hours.

WAH WAH WAH. (the sound of me whining).

I am sure there are lots of you who are feeling the same? Anyhoo, sweet little Lauren has invited us to Fill In The Blank with her (i hope she doesnt think i'm stalking her blog)! Oh well. There is nothing new under the sun. So here i go.

1. Today I am feeling like i need my friday donut.

2. If I were you I'd check out my pretty friend Echo's new blog, Birds in Branches.

3. Love is: not about you.

4. I always kiss my puppy on the head before leaving the house.

5. I feel prettiest when i'm on a hot home...eating popcorn.

6. If I had a million dollars I'd buy a house, an old one in the country, and fix it up, and live there until i'm 99.

7. I'm looking forward to my girl date with Laura and mama in law(i hate that term)tomorrow night to Le Happy.

so there it is friends. You guys fill in the blank too! Its a fun little time waster! I'm already having a better day.


  1. 1. today I feel excited and sad. Excited to spend the weekend with my girlfriends away at ECrest. Sad cuz I will leave my kids behind
    2.Eat that donut
    3.Love is.. and action word
    4.I always yell, bye Im whoever cares.
    5.I feel pretty- when my hubby sees me for the first time in the morning with messy hair, mismatched pjs.. and rushes to hug me and kiss me like he hasnt seen me for the last 15yrs. What kind of love is that? amazing.
    6. ? hmm.
    7. Im looking to Sunday when I come home and my kids rush into my arms and welcome me home.

    Brenda Mav-

  2. I love that you kiss tangle on the head before leaving! makes me miss Otis! I'm with you on living in a house till I'm 99! (not on a good start though- 6 places in 7 years! ouch!) granted I DID start the first 19 years in 1 house ;) Love you dear friend. You're beautiful.

  3. blog stalkers unite :). it's not really stalking if we BOTH stalk each others blogs... right? the way...i am LOVING your new background. i'm a complete sucker for red and turquoise. i wish i could go back and re-do my wedding in these colors. except it might have been weird in the winter. maybe. oh well. maybe if i have a daughter one day i'll live vicariously through her when she's wedding planning and convince her to use these colors. ok...except i'll probably hate the color combo by then and i vow to never be a crazy mother-of-the-bridezilla. even though i'm sure it will be hard from me...i'll do it because i'll remember how awesome and laid back my mom was at my wedding and how much i appreciated it.

    i'm glad you did the fill-in-the-blank thing. i'm enjoying reading everyone's lists. i love that you kiss tangle goodbye. so cute. i don't have to kiss marley goodbye cause she goes to work with craig and rides with us when they drop me off at my work in the mornings. but i do wave to her when i leave. it's a little weird maybe that i wave to her and not so much to craig, but it's ok. i'm pretty sure she appreciates it a little more :).

    anyway...hope you're not annoyed with my world's longest comment EVER.

    off to check out echo's blog!


  4. no annoyance! only love.

    ps i love red and turquoise tooo! i used to have our house decked out in it but it got a little we limited to just our kitchen.

    we have all the fiesta wear dishes in white, turquoise and red. and then all the appliances are red. maaaayybe ill blog about it JUST for you :-)

  5. Maybe if you had a million dollars you would buy this to put in your house...I saw it and thought of you!

  6. yes please! blog about your fiesta ware! i'd love it!

  7. I love your dog! I kiss my dog on the head before I leave every morning too!

  8. love is: not about you.

    changed my complete way of thinking. wonderful :)


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